So…now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak…most of you realize why this blog has not been updated.

So yes…we ARE pregnant…with TWINS! Due in May!

So naturally my brain is on everything baby now. I do have another blog keeping track of the long journey of getting pregnant and now preparing for our babies.

I have to be honest….I am not sure how often I will be updating this blog. Though my life is not babies, I just dont know how much energy I will have for two blogs and also…most of my brain is baby consumed!! They are so fun to talk about!

Anyway, if you would like that blog address, leave a comment here with your email (I wont publish it) and I will get you the address.

Thanks for being patient and now understanding why I have been MIA for sooo sooo long!!



So for the past week I have had a cold. It really stinks! It started as a simple cough with a bit of a sore throat. By mid-week it was a full-blown, head aching, sneezing, kleenex abundance, sipping on a tea facial, popping the vitamin C and cough drops extravaganza!!

This has been my life…besides the propped up pillows in the bed so I can breath at night!


IMG_1847_3309*which I truly do…as he was sweet enough to get me this hot cup of tea at 3:30am! ahhhh*


So I guess I am classified as the world’s worst blogger at the moment!! I know I need to get on the ball and you would think with no longer working that I would find all kinds of time. Well I actually do have the time, just not the motivation! Shame on me I know.

Quick update:

The weekend of potty time with CeCe went fantastic!! She was less than thrilled to actually go on the potty and actually cried everytime. But managed to stay dry all weekend!! I gave my sister the techiniques that we follwed and since followed through for the week….BRAVO..she is officially potty trained! Yipee!

I have been looking for work, but as most everyone knows……..looking for work in this ecomony really does truly stink!!! But I just keep trying and keeping my fingers crossed.

Honestly I really have nothing else exciting to say. Sorry I missed 2..yep, I know, 2 Around the World Wednesday. I hope to get back to that next week for sure.

I will try to come up with some new and refreshing posts on a daily basis again. Hang in there with me folks…..Im creative I can do this!!! 🙂

So this weekend we have our niece and nephew. I love having this time with them and wish I could make it more of a regular occurrence. Darn weekends just fill up so fast! Anyway, Cece is now in a toddler bed so this past weekend my parents found a great deal on a bed and sheets. We split the cost, so we can share the bed! LOL I am excited to see what she thinks of the new addition, complete with princess sheets!



We have great plans this weekend. Not only are we having a mini celebration for our nephew E’s birthday, we are also going to potty train CeCe. This has been a challenge, as she is a very stubborn little girl. So I told my sister I would hop on that wagon and get it done. We have a new step stool (yep, using the big potty), a reward chart and treats! I have high hopes and expectations for myself. Fingers crossed!!

Well normally today is “Around the World Wednesday”. But today, I am choosing to just stay home.


Sometimes you just need the piece and quiet of your own home. Sleeping in  your own bed. Staying in your PJ’s all day and mozing around your own home.

And since yesterday at work I was told that I wasnt “flexible” enough for their schedule and Oct. 1st will be my last day. It looks like I just might have lots of time to stay in my PJ’s and love being home!

Ya see, my wonderful husbie is terrified of snakes. So now what kind of wife would I be if  I didnt share the snake my dad killed on his property the other day with my “fearful” husband?!?!

Well I would be one that made him think it was a wonderful gift, complete and lovely in a nice Coldwater Creek box!

IMG_1401_2883He even shook the box at first! It was so funny (well for me at least!)

IMG_1402_2884Once he saw the snake he ran for the hills – well, er, door actually! Dont believe the smile!

IMG_1405_2886Here’s the real face!

IMG_1407_2888And the harmless, very dead, rattlesnake!

Yes, I guess I am that mean of a wife! For a couple days after he made me promise that I didnt bring it back in the house. I think I just may have sent him into therapy!! LOL

Love you babe!

So last Thursday Husbie took the day off so he could spend it with me before I go back to work. So sweet! Now, we make a habit out of looking at million dollar homes. Call us crazy but we look and “picture” ourselves in these homes. Power of positive thinking I suppose!! 🙂 Anyway, we made a list and took the day to drive by the houses to see if we even liked them and the neighborhoods. Some we did, others…well not so much! LOL

So here are some that we liked:




We really liked the entrance to this house. Unfortunately, it looks as if they ran out of funds because the inside is mostly done, but the outside, nada!

IMG_1387_2877This was our second choice. But we decided that 15,000 sq feet was a bit much, even for us! LOL

So the winner is…….

5257 sq ft.

5 acres

5 bedroom 4.5 bath

We love it! And yes, you can all come and visit!! But you have to leave eventually! LOL

king_ranch01The entrance includes this beautiful fountain that changes colors at night

king_ranch04Here is the outside view (well part of it!)

king_ranch11The kitchen equip with all Thermador applicances

king_ranch15The master bath – the tub has a fireplace and TV…oh yeah bubble bath time!

king_ranch17This is the bar area, with ping pong table and pool table .. games anyone!

king_ranch26View from the top floor looking down

king_ranch29Outside veranda by the infinity pool and spa with 2 BBQ’s and even a beer tap!

king_ranch43Outside area, complete with 15 hole golf, mini park, tennis/basketball courts

So there you have it! Our new home! (well one day!)

Before … out of control (and even a bit scary at times!)


After….today, confident, clean, suave and darn straight sexy! (Almost too sexy for this blog! LOL )


There mom….Ya happy now?!?!? LOL

Wednesday title box 3

Looks like I may be visiting Dubai in these next couple of weeks! Lots and lots of stuff going on there! How about staying here???

Hydropolis, the world’s first underwater hotel.  Entirely built in Germany and then assembled in Dubai, it is scheduled to be completed by 2009 after many delays.

underwater hotel

Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis will be the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park.

_MG_1340_2848Water park play

_MG_1353_2851Laughing runaway babies

IMG_1328_2840Yummy frozen yogurt

IMG_1366_2859Coffee and good conversation


That is how I spent last Friday afternoon and evening. I love times like those that I just get to enjoy my surroundings and have some great chats!

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